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Aknicare is more than acne care, its not just any spot treatment.


Following the acne care advice here can seriously improve your skin. Read the medical evidence, the information by top specialists in acne treatment and how Aknicare® has been proven to be the only acne treatment that changes the environment in the skin and targets the four key criteria that the ideal acne care regime needs to:

  • Effectively Reduce Oil Production (the only topical treatment proven to do so) - prevents oily skin and stops blockages developing
  • Effectively Reduce Skin Thickening - by normalising skin cell production rather than stripping the skin to keep the hair follicle ducts open
  • Effectively Control and Reduce Acne Bacteria - without causing antibiotic resistant strains and protecting good skin and gut bacteria
  • Effectively calms and sooths Inflammation FAST - to reduce scarring risk and un-slightly inflamed spots


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